I would personally like to extend a warm welcome to Christo’s Online Gallery.

Sourcing and selling beautiful art gives me a huge amount of personal pleasure. Being able to share my interest with others who feel the same way is invigorating and satisfying. As Christo’s owner, after being situated in Glasgow’s westend for 13 years I believe it was time to embrace the online revolution. The essence of this site is being able to share original work that is beautiful or thought-provoking, and I welcome those who feel the same way to visit this site and enjoy buying the constantly changing artworks.

I have spent months sourcing items from mainly Scottish based artists and have something that should appeal to most tastes. With today’s hectic pace of life it is important that we take time out to appreciate things of beauty. Art can help to stimulate or relax you and I believe it can have a huge impact on your state of mind. I love New York City and appreciate the informal attitude found in the galleries in and around the Big Apple. Regular trips have helped me to understand the importance of buying art in friendly surroundings and I hope you’ll return to Christo’s site soon. There will hopefully always be something new to enjoy at our pop up events for you to come along and enjoy.

Check out our News Page or why not sign up for our newsletter to ensure you never miss out on one of our events!I look forward to welcoming you back to Christo’s…

Louise Burns
Gallery Director